【Open Summit 2015】Open Forum 2015

【Open Summit 2015】Open Forum 2015

Subject: “Enterprise Architecture and Business Innovation for Japanese Globalization“


Sponsor The Open Group Japan
Co-sponsor The Open Group(USA)
ReGIS Inc.
Date & Time Thursday, March 12, 2015
 Part 1: 13:30-18:20, Part 2: 18:30-20:30
Venue Tokyo American ClubB2F
Manhattan II-Part 1, Brooklyn II-Part 2


Part 1 Manhattan III
Welcome Address:
 Mr.Kensuke Tomita, Director-General, Commerce &
 Information Policy Bureau,
 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
“The Open Group, Activity status & guide for 2015”:
 Mr.Allen Brown CEO & President, The Open Group
“Open IT standard trend for economic recovery of Japan”:
- Trend of Open IT Standard for Japan Economy Revival:
  From the view point of its efficiency, economy and
  global competitiveness -
 Junkyo Fujieda, Chairman of The Open Group Japan, CEO &
 President, ReGIS Inc.
15:35 Break
“Global business and the expectation for
 The Open Group“(tentative)
 Dr.Jun Ginbayashi, VP, Development Infrastructure Division,System Integration Technology Unit, Fujitsu Limited
“Global business and Global standards: Expectation for TOGAF“
 Mr.Nobuo Kita, President and CEO, SIOS Technology, Inc.
“The leading High Reliability Management of
 JAXA and O-DA“ (tentative)
 Mr.Naoki Ishihama, Chief Researcher,
 JAXA’s Engineering Digital Innovation Center,
 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Panel Discussion:
“The Roll of Enterprise Architecture”:
 Dr.Shuichiro Yamamoto, Professor, Software Science and Technology Group,Nagoya University
Closing address:
 Junkyo Fujieda, Chairman of The Open Group Japan, CEO &
 President, ReGIS Inc.
18:20 End of Part 1
Part 2 Brooklyn II
Opening Speech
 Mr. Ichiro Izawa, Associate Executive Director,
 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Kanpai !:
 Mr. Koji Futamata, Senior Expert,
 Defense Systems Unit, Fujitsu Limited
20:30 Get-together meeting, Open Group &
GIS Forum members and visitors

Membership fee

Section1 * GIS FORUM member: 5,400 Yen
* OPEN GROUP member: 5,400 Yen
* Visitor: 54,000 Yen
Section2 * GIS FORUM member 6,480 Yen
* OPEN GROUP member: 6,480Yen
* Visitor: 19,440 Yen


Deadline 9, March.(MON)
Registration Contact FAX: 03-5361-3123 
e-Mail: forum2@re-gis.com
GIS FORUM Office Ritsuko Ono
Contact us GIS FORUM Office Ritsuko Ono TEL:03-5360-8300

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